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At SVN | Northco Golf & Hospitality we assist buyers and sellers in all aspects of the sales and acquisition process. We typically take a ground up approach to marketing which can include numerous options. We can help you buy or sell your resort, golf course, or other hospitality property.
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SVN | Northco management uses a multifaceted team approach to management and can offer solutions for any golf course or hospitality property. SVN | Northco has relationships in all areas of operations and can assist with Finance, Training, Operations, Agronomy, Marketing or F&B, NGH can manage your asset.
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Evaluating several hundred golf & hospitality properties, SVN | Northco has developed relationships that can cover all the bases including: Operations, Agronomy, Business, Marketing/ Promotions, Tax Service, Capital Plans, and Feasibility.
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Over our 35+ year history, SVN | Northco has developed an experienced team ready to get the most return for your money. With the complexities of today’s market it is important to invest well. We are always seeking opportunities that fit within our investment model.
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Our team has performed valuations, financial analysis, operational consultations, F&B consultations, and management services on hundreds of hospitality projects in the midwest.  We offer professional expertise to:

  • owners/operators
  • investors
  • municipalities
  • board of directors
  • financial institutions

Reach out to us today and see what SVN Northco can do for you.

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