Frank Jermusek in 2015 SVN Partner’s Circle

Congratulations to Frank Jermusek for earning his place in the 2015 SVN Partner’s Circle as the Top 4 Advisor in all of SVN!!

Frank Jermusek is the President of SVN | Northco, as well as the Chair for the SVN Golf & Hospitality Product Council world wide.  Frank was in San Diego to accept his 2015 SVN Partner’s Circle Award in February.  Frank ranked fourth out of the 1400+ SVN advisors globally.

The year-end rankings were presented at the 2016 SVN Annual Conference in San Diego, California.  Presenting the awards was SVNIC President and CEO Kevin Maggiacomo, “The dedicated Advisors and firms represented in the Top 10 truly exemplify the SVN brand’s shared value principle.  By working with, and marketing to, the full brokerage community, even their direct competitors, these individuals were able to create incredible results for their clients and marketplace.”

SVN | Northco also earned the SVN 2015 Firm of the Year award (see article HERE) and another award for ranking in eighth place of 200+ SVN offices in 2015.  Other advisors from Northco also earned awards for top rankings within SVN.  Frank Jermusek and his team from Northco were very grateful and proud to have earned such prestigious awards from such a wonderful company.  They will continue to practice cooperative compensation for the betterment of the CRE world they work in.

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